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Marine Corps Logistics Command, Office of Counsel
Operating Across Georgia, Florida & California.



The Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides timely, competent, and highly professional legal advice and counsel to all client commands consistent with the U.S. Department of the Navy Office of the General Counsel and CL policies and procedures with the focus on proactive and pragmatic legal solutions.

This site contains practical information and frequently asked legal questions to help Marine Corps Logistics Command personnel navigate the issues they face in meeting the Navy and Marine Corps' mission. Topic areas include Ethics, Contracting, Fiscal, Environmental, Civilian Personnel, and General Administrative Law.

This webpage is not a substitute for legal advice. Marine Corps Logistics Command (MARCORLOGCOM) personnel are encouraged to contact us for official legal advice on specific questions.




Federal ethics law

As Federal government employees, you are required to follow several federal laws aimed at ensuring proper ethical behavior of federal employees. The main point of these laws is the concept that federal employment is one of special trust and that Federal Employees are not to use their position for personal gain - financial or otherwise.



Federal Contract and Acquisition laws and regulations govern how contracts and contractors operate in conjunction with the Federal government. Commanders, staff, and all Federal government employees should be aware of potential legal issues that can cost the Command significant monies, time, and resources if they violate federal acquisition or contracting laws. Key areas of concern are unauthorized commitments and inappropriate interaction with contractors or contracting personnel. Attached in the below links are various information papers that will assist in avoiding legal problems when dealing with contractors or contractor employees. As with any other legal issues, you can contact an OGC legal advisor if you have any questions.


Post-Government Employment

Post-Government Employment laws limit former federal employees' conduct once they stop working for the federal government. Some of these laws are criminal in scope and, if violated, may result in U.S. Department of Justice prosecution and could even send a former federal employee to jail. The links below contain information designed to assist federal employees in avoiding legal problems with post-government employment. As with any other legal issues, you should contact an OGC legal advisor if you have any questions.




Counsel, MARCORLOGCOM: 229-639-5449
Contract Attorney: 229-639-7863
Labor Attorney: 229-639-7098
Paralegal/Freedom of Information Act (FOIA): 229 639-7099



Counsel, Blount Island Command (BICmd): 904-696-5033



Counsel: 760-577-6791
Contract Attorney: 760-577-6609