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Marine Corps Logistics Command, G-3/5 Operations & Plans


G-3/5 Mission

Plan, coordinate, synchronize, and direct Marine Corps Logisitics Command's operations in order to provide and maintain situational awareness and enable successful mission execution for the Commanding General, staff, and subordinate units.



National capital region liasion officer (NCR LNO)

Represent MARCORLOGCOM at higher and adjacent headquarters, departments, agencies, and other logistics partners within the NCR in order to coordinate and promote cooperation to ensure mutual understanding and unity of purpose.



Command Operations division

Provides command congressional testimony preparation and tasker management/responses to information inquiries in order to articulate command communications with higher and adjacent commands. Command Operations provides fiscal, administrative, training, safety, material, and personnel resources in support of the G-3/5 mission.



Operations division

Oversees the current operations, future operations, and mission essential task (MET) related assessments for the Command. 

Serves as the focal point and interface between MARCORLOGCOM and the MARFORs/MEFs as well as provide deliberate planning, exercise planning, and war reserve planning in order to posture MARCORLOGCOM for future operations. 

Synchronize and assess logistics activities across MARCORLOGCOM, monitor execution of current logistics operations, and facilitate the execution of MARCORLOGCOM's mission.



Future operations branch (FOPS)

Provide deliberate planning, exercise planning, war reserve planning, and Naval Logistics Integration (NLI) coordination in support of MARCORLOGCOM's future mission and tasks.  Additionally, with existing rapport with the OPFORs (and as an economy of force) FOPs coordinates MARCORLOGCOM support to the MEFs and MARFORs.



Current operations branch (COPS)

Maintains the Command’s contingency battle rhythm, operates the Command Operations Center, facilitates and monitors execution of operational-level supply, maintenance, and distribution operations in support of MARCORLOGCOM’s current mission and tasks in order to provide required operational-level logistics capabilities to the operating forces.



assessment cell

Develop, monitor, and assess measures of performance and measures of effectiveness for MARCORLOGCOM Mission Essential Tasks (METs), in order to inform executive level decision-making, highlight opportunities for improvement, and drive workforce actions.



plans division

Provides long-range future planning; strategic management of goals, objectives, and initiatives; and requirements integration with higher headquarters' planning processes in order to posture MARCORLOGCOM for future operations.



Enterprise distribution division (EDD)

Provides the Marine Corps with a regionally aligned and globally engaged centralized distribution management capability to maximize Marine Corps materiel readiness and sustainment.




Organizational Chart



Contact Us

Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3/5 - (229) 639-7056
Deputy, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3/5 - (229) 639-5507
MARCORLOGCOM Liaison Officer to National Capital Region, (571)256-7108
Director, Command Operations - (229) 639-6620
Director, Operations Division - (229) 639-8964
Director, Current Operations Branch - (229) 639-7903
Director, Future Operations Branch - (229) 639-7358
Director, Plans Division - (229) 639-5632
Deputy Director, Plans Division - (229) 639-7186
Director, Enterprise Distribution Division - (229) 639-6893