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Quality Reporting Branch
Assistant Chief of Staff G-4


PDREP (Product Data and Reporting Exchange Program)

G-4 at MARCORLOGCOM is the advocate for program changes to PDREP for the Marine Corps.


PQDR (Product Quality Deficiency Report)

LOGCOM is the Screening Point for the Marines ground force.  PQDR’s are screened for categorization, accuracy, and completeness.  PQDR’s are then forwarded to Action Points for investigation.  Once investigations are complete LOGCOM Screening Points close the PQDR and forward results to the Originator. G-4 determines the scope of the deficiency and the appropriate Action Point.  G-4 ensures Disposition and Corrective Action of deficient material Performs analyses for trends of Military Equipment, Secondary items, components, and contractor quality. G-4 ensures investigation results and closing responses are complete and accurate. G-4 ensures restitution is authorized for deficient items. G-4 generates material stock screening requirements as required.


The originator/originating point discovers a deficiency and submits the PQDR via PDREP to the appropriate screening point.


Screening Point:

The Screening Point screens the PQDR to determine its accuracy, categorization correctly, and has enough information to go to investigation. The Screening Point forwards the PQDR to the correction Action Point for investigation.  Screening Point closes the PQDR once it has returned from investigation.


Action Point:

Is in charge of the investigation. Action Point determines the correct Support Point to send the PQDR for investigation.  Action Point closes the investigation once it has returned from the Support Point.


Support Point:

Conducts the investigation or oversees the investigation while it is going on.

SDR (Supply Discrepancy Report)

G-4 provides the following support. Establishes Local Procedures to ensure appropriate action is taken on SDRs submitted via PDREP and assist Marine Corps users with obtaining appropriate level of access to PDREP-SDR.  Provide PDREP-SDR user and managerial training on a quarterly basis or as needed.  Provide assistance to Originators with SDR Disputes and non-responses or difficulty with SDR responses from non-USMC Action Points.  Provide findings statement to HQMC in support of final decision for unresolved SDR disputes. Coordinate with Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO) in advocating for and establishing DOD Policy and Procedures. Coordinate with all DOD agencies on the SDR Processes.  Establish reporting metrics to monitor SDR trends and process analysis. Coordinate with Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) to provide semi-annual SDR Evaluation data to Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) Installations & Logistics.


The SDR originator initiates the SDR via PDREP; this activity is usually the receiving point for the item shipped, such as the Depot or Using Unit.


Action Point:

MARCORLOGCOM WSMC, SCMC and MFSC serve as the Action Points for “MPB” supply and packaging discrepancies. The Action Point is responsible for utilizing the “Disposition (Reply) Codes”, remarks and special instructions as appropriate to provide a SDR reply to the SDR originator. SDR replies are used to pass pertinent information (disposition) from the SDR action activity to the SDR initiator and other interested parties.

SQCR (Storage Quality Discrepancy Report)

G-4 provides the following support. Provides oversight and guidance to USMC Storage Quality Discrepancy Report (SQCR) process and procedures. Establish and manage local processes and procedures to ensure appropriate action is taken on SQCR submissions. Provide assistance to SQCR Originators with no-response, disputes or difficulty with SQCR responses from Marine Corps and Non-Marine Corps Action Activity Points. Monitor the reporting of supply discrepancies to include shipping, packaging and storage. Coordinate with DoD Activities Inventory Control Points and Distribution Depots to determine the cause of such discrepancies, corrective actions testing and prevent recurrence.


      - SECNAV Instruction 4855.3

      - 48 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 9, 15, and 42 (Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) requires that past performance information be collected and considered in evaluating contractor during the source selection process.

      - Code of Federal Regulations, Title 41, Volume 2, Chapter 101, Part 101-26.800, prescribes a uniform system for reporting discrepancies or deficiencies in materials or shipments.

      - MCO 4855.10C (PQDR)

      - Defense Logistics Manual 4000.25-M Supply Discrepancy Report Guidance, Chapter 17, Vol 2.

      - Naval Message: CMC WASHINGTON DC L LP (UC) DTG: 081417Z Apr 11 (Change of SDR Process)

      - Stock Readiness (SQCR) DLM 4000.25 VOL 2

      - Shelf Life Management (SL) DoD Manuel 4140.27 Vol 1,2

PDREP user guides follow this link:

To request PDREP access follow this link:


Marine Corps Logistics Command, G-4
814 Radford Blvd
Bldg. 3700, 3rd Floor, Room 329 Albany, GA 31704

Phone Numbers                                                                        
DSN Prefix – 567-5172      
USMC PQDR/SDR/PDREP Facilitator (229) 639-5172