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Marine Corps Logistics Command


Marine Corps Logistics Command

Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter

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MDMC Mission & Function


To provide the Marine Corps with worldwide organic depot-level maintenance support for rebuild, repairs, engineering solutions, manufacturing and technical services to maximize the readiness and sustainability of ground combat  and combat support systems.

MDMC Organization 

Mission Essential Tasks (METs):
Develop strategic production planning and solutions, supporting multiple ground equipment system platforms, to provide efficient Marine Corps Total Life Cycle Management (TLCM) depot-level maintenance support.
-Provide efficient support through a standardized process and provide synchronized maintenance and material support through two organic depot-level maintenance facilities.
-Liaison with customers, equipment managers, and support providers to assess performance of maintenance efficiency and quality.  Identify trends and implement actions to maximize production throughput.  
-Analyze, plan, and execute depot-level solutions for evolving military equipment requirements.
-Provide, maintain, and manage depot-level maintenance capabilities for the sustainment of Marine Corps tactical ground equipment.
-Provide customer on-site and global enterprise-level TLCM depot maintenance support and services to the operating and reserve forces to sustain military equipment.
-Validate the design and development of Marine Corps ground equipment modernizations.
-Provide support development of depot maintenance information technology solutions, for new programs and legacy systems, to improve the Marine Corps sustainment planning and execution  capabilities.
-Review and analyze Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDRs) to investigate and provide failure analysis on customer equipment.
-Provide calibration technical assistance and repair/design services on Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) for the Marine Corps and other DoD services.
-Provide New Equipment Training (NET) in support of Marine Corps programs.