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MDMC - International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

What is ISO 9000?

The ISO 9000 family of standards represents an international consensus of good management practices with the aim of ensuring that the organization can time and time again deliver the product or services that meet the client’s quality requirements. These good practices have been distilled into a set of standardized requirements for a quality management system, regardless of what the organization does, its size, or whether it’s in the private or public sector.

Why ISO?

The existence of an organization without customers, or with dissatisfied customers, is in peril. To keep customers - and keep them satisfied – their product (which may, in fact, be a service) needs the meet their requirements. ISO 9000 provides a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing business processes (organizational activities) so that they consistently turn out product conforming to customer expectations. And that means consistently happy customers! In this era of base closings and downsizing we are just like the private sector. We need to keep our existing customers and get new ones. Although war fighters are our primary customers, the Program Managers are generally the ones paying for our services; they are shopping more and more to make their limited dollars stretch.

How ISO family of standards work.

Requirements for a quality management system have been standardized. ISO 9000 lay down what requirements a quality system must meet, but does not dictate how they should be met in any organization – which leaves great scope and flexibility for implementation in different business sectors and business cultures…as well as Government Agencies.


MDMC Albany was initially Qualified by DCMA in ISO 9002:1994. They received their Qualification letter from DCMA in April of 2001. The Center recently achieved world-class recognition when they became the first complete ground force maintenance depot to become Registered in ISO 9001:2000. They were presented their Registration Certificate by EAQA UK LTD in September 2002.

Re-Certification is required every three years. Surveillance audits are conducted semi-annually. The MDMC underwent their first Re-Certification audit in 2006 and continues to receive Surveillance Audits by EAQA every six months.