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Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Theory Of Constraints

Theory of Constraints is composed of two methods of management. Critical Chain (C/C) project management plans for the known (Actual Touch Time) and buffers for the unknown. (Murphy)

Simplified Drum Buffer Rope (S-DBR) component management compliments Critical Chain so that components are completed in time for installation by using buffers also.


Meet customer requirements for Cost, Schedule, and Quality
Increase Throughput 
Decrease Costs
Decrease Work In Process (WIP) 
Reduce Repair Cycle Time (RCT)

What Changed?

Contracted with Vector Strategies for Theory of Constraints Implementation 
Conducted Maintenance Center-wide training 
Created a new shop floor schedule (Critical Chain) for major end items 
   –  Mechanics’ input on process hours 
   –  Removed safety time 
   –  Placed a project buffer at the end 
Stopped multitasking 
Changed to Pull-System 
Implemented Simplified-Drum Buffer Rope for components