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Supply Chain Management Center (SCMC)
Providing enterprise supply chain solutions for the Fleet Marine Forces.


SCMC exists to provide supply chain solutions for the Fleet Marine Forces. Through planning, integrating, and monitoring supply chain improvements, SCMC manages Marine Corps Ground Equipment Supply Chains and provides innovative logistics programs to ensure effective and efficient support to the Fleet Marine Forces.


To be the Marine Corps Secondary Items and Class II Experts, focused on Marine Corps supply chain integration that provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for the Fleet Marine Forces.

SCMC manages a global network of supply chain activities from our home base and program management headquarters in Albany, Ga

The Center manages deployable resources that can adapt to ever-changing theaters of operations. Spread across a total of 15 sites across the globe, SCMC's personnel and facilities are strategically co-located alongside Marine Corps forces - providing dedicated, on-site supply chain services such as: Coordinated Secondary Reparable Management (7 locations), Supplier Relationship Management (5 Locations), and Class II Fielding and Sustainment Support Services (7 Locations).



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The Supply Chain Integration Division (SCID) identifies and drives enterprise-level supply chain improvements and leads the development and implementation of improved supply chain capabilities.  SCID also coordinates and integrates Sustainment and Acquisition supply chain activities, leads strategic planning, and leverages enterprise data analytics to deliver more responsive, efficient, and connected solutions that optimize inventory and maximize supply support to the Fleet Marine Forces.



System Lifecycle Integration & Strategy Branch: The System Lifecycle Integration & Strategy Branch coordinates supply chain activities both internally within the Center and externally with key stakeholders to develop and improve supply chain capabilities.  The branch serves as the integration lead for Secondary Item sustainment within the total life cycle management framework to ensure a seamless and coordinated approach across sustainment and acquisition functions.

Strategic Analysis & Future Readiness Team Branch: The Strategic Analysis & Future Readiness Team Branch serves as SCMC’s lead expert in data analytics and drives supply chain improvements through logistics data mining, advanced data modeling and analysis techniques, and an enterprise-level performance management framework.  The Branch also provides a Center-level incubator capability to support the exploration and development of innovative supply chain concepts, capabilities, and solutions for Secondary Item supply chains.


The SECREP Inventory Management Division (SIMD) serves as the enterprise-level inventory manager and business advisor, integrating customers with sources of supply across the SECREP supply chain.  SIMD fulfills customer requirements by managing physical stocking decisions and driving attainment actions to optimize enterprise SECREP inventory and maximize supply support and readiness for the Fleet Marine Forces.


Coordinated SECREP Management Branch: The Coordinated SECREP Management Branch serves as the business advisor to the Fleet Marine Forces and Supporting Establishment, ensuring collaborative inventory management, sourcing, and distribution decisions.  CSMB maximizes operational availability while minimizing operational risk by providing policy & process oversight and optimizing inventory levels & global stock positioning across all Repairable Issue Points. 

Wholesale SECREP Management Branch: The Wholesale SECREP Management Branch serves as the Marine Corps wholesale inventory control point, maintaining adequate stock levels and initiating attainment actions in order to fulfill customer demands efficiently and effectively.  WSMB optimizes enterprise-level SECREP inventory by integrating wholesale and RIP supply chain decisions to deliver responsive supply support to the Fleet Marine Forces and Supporting Establishment.



The SECREP Business Management Division (SBMD) serves as the Supply Management Activity Group (SMAG) program manager by coordinating inventory planning and executing attainment actions and employing SECREP business analytics to monitor performance. SBMD manages and monitors all six attainment channels and ensures sound fiscal management in order to integrate SECREP supply chain business functions and maximize supply support to the Fleet Marine Forces.


SECREP Business Operations Branch: The SECREP Business Operations Branch (SBOB) coordinates, monitors and expedites attainment execution, ensuring SECREP replenishment actions are executed efficiently.  SBOB employs advanced business analytics and sound fiscal management to maximize materiel availability and improve supply chain performance.


The Consumable Items Support Division (CISD) serves as the SCMC lead for consumable supply chain management and integration by engaging with units and key wholesale suppliers to resolve and prevent ground supply support challenges.  CISD optimizes consumable supply support to fulfill customer requirements and maximize readiness by leveraging collaborative forums, data analysis, and performance metrics.


Supplier Relationship Management Branch: The Supplier Relationship Management Branch (SRM) is a supplier-facing organization that maintains strategic-level collaborative relationships with DoD Key Wholesale Suppliers (KWS).  The branch maximizes enterprise consumable readiness by resolving and preventing KWS support challenges. Through analyzing enterprise-level data, we utilize performance metrics to evaluate KWS support and drive improvement actions through our collaborative supplier relationships. SRM also provides a Marine Corps perspective to leadership to enable supply support evaluation and feedback to our suppliers.

Supply Readiness Branch: The Supply Readiness Branch (SRB) is a customer-facing organization that maintains operational and tactical-level supporting relationships with Marine Corps using units.  The branch maximizes consumable supply support to the warfighter by resolving and preventing challenges with materiel availability. To coordinate and satisfy customer requirements, we maintain collaborative forums and formal battle rhythms to leverage DoD consumable supply chains and all available logistics supply support capabilities.


 CIISD roles and responsibilities include supporting life-cycle management of Class II material with a core competency in Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense equipment and Radiological Controls and Compliance. CIISD maintains an operational presence in GA, OH, NC, CA, FL, HI, and Japan. As a customer-facing organization, CIISD enables Total Life Cycle Management by leveraging supply chain expertise, auditable processes and enterprise systems to enhance the operational readiness of Fleet Marine Forces, Joint Services, Defense Agencies, and Partnering Nations.


Fielding & Surveillance Branch: Provides sustainment support for USMC Family of Incident Response Systems (FIRS), Fire Fighter Systems (FFS), and Chemical, Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF) equipment.  Additionally, by request, FSTs conduct non-destructive surveillance, maintenance, and repair at all levels of supply as well as Fielding and New Equipment Training (NET) support and equipment surveillance site visits. FSTs also manage the USAF Mask Inspection and Repair and NDT&E ESAPI Plate Inspection operations in Albany Ga.

Logistics Support Services Branch: Provides sustainment support services for the USMC Consolidated Storage Program (CSP) through the execution of shelf-life extension testing of CBRN individual protective equipment.  Provides environmentally controlled storage and distribution of select USMC CBRN Defense assets.  Additionally, by request, LSS provides engineering studies, Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS) and specialized warehousing and logistics functions.

Radiological Controls Branch: Provides Service-level oversight of radioactive commodities in the USMC under the LOGCOM Naval Radioactive Materials Permit (NRMP).  Additionally, it provides a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) responsible for service-wide radioactive materials inventory, radiological technical guidance to a broad range of USMC stakeholders, and training services to ensure license requirements are met and hazards awareness is distributed to the workforce.

Defense Accountability Reutilization and Disposal Branch: Serves as the centralized disposition authorization and disposal point for CBRN Defense material for all DoD components.  It can dispose of other products through a broad range of demilitarization capabilities to include industrial shredding, cutting, and incineration.  Additionally, by request, assets are identified for reutilization as combat or training stock.



SCMC’s Center Operations Division provides expert administrative support to the Center’s business organizations by managing and integrating manpower, financial, training, safety and other critical support functions across the Center’s supply chain management operations.


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Marine Corps Logistics Command
Supply Chain Management Center
814 Radford Blvd, Suite 20225
Albany, GA 31704-0225


Director SCMC - (229) 639-6001
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Military Deputy SCMC - (229) 639-6612
Program Assistant SCMC - (229) 639-6552
Director, Supply Chain Integration Division (SCID) - (229) 639-5139
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Director, SECREP Business Management Division (SBMD) - (229) 639-7350
Director, Class II Support Division (CIISD) - (229) 518-6888
Director, Center Operations Division (COD) - (229) 639-8798