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Eddie L Sims Jr., a contractor supporting Materiel Management Operations Group, 2D Force Storage Battalion, Marine Force Storage Command, replaces a coupling on a Light Amphibious Vehicle while at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga., March 6, 2023.

Photo by Jennifer Napier

Recognizing Material Management Operations Group’s Logistics Support to the Fleet Marine Force

1 May 2023 | Rodney Bearman Marine Corps Logistics Command

Logistics support provided by Marine Force Storage Command’s (MFSC) Materiel Management Operations Group (M2OG) has enabled the on-time delivery of supplies, and equipment processed in support of Force Design 2030 objectives and for use by Presidential Directives for support to the Ukraine. 
  M2OG provides direct support to the Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF) through facilitation of divestment, receipt, storage, inventory and distribution of military equipment and supplies. 
  M2OG consists of a mix of Marines, civilian-Marines and contractors that are assigned to one of two Force Storage Battalions, and aligned to specific locations to directly support the MEFs.  
  Col. Donald W. Harlow, commanding officer, MFSC, described the M2OG saying; “M2OG is not a location, but rather a capability.”   
 “The partnerships that we've fostered with the MEFs and MARFORRES has increased the velocity of materiel management actions," added Harlow."
  Prior to a 2021 reorganization Marine Corps Logistics Command (LOGCOM) managed the Marine Corps’ seven Equipment Collection Points (ECP) that were operated by Equipment Receiving Distribution Teams (ERDT). To better support Marines in the Fleet, MARCORLOGCOM re-aligned ECP and ERDT to MFSC’s two Force Storage Battalions and established the M2OG as a program of record.    
  Materiel management actions in support of Force Design 2030 have constituted the priority line of effort for the M2OG. Actions include activations and de-activations of USMC units, divestment, reduction, and re-alignment of principle end items (PEI) and associated secondary repairables (SECREP). 
  M2OG sites work directly with Marine Corps units to receipt unit equipment and maintain it until the equipment is re-issued the fleet, divested, or re-purposed. “The last thing we want to do is delay the actions when divestment decision are made on end items,” said Harlow. “Having M2OG strategically located adjacent to the three MEFs, and MARFORRES enables rapid materiel management actions,” added Harlow.  
  Lt. Col. Michael Lukkes, materiel readiness officer, G4, II MEF, spoke about M2OG’s support to II MEF; “By allowing the using units to conduct a simple equipment exchange with the ECP team, vice utilizing the full disposition process, it has removed a time consuming administrative burden.”  The general support from the M2OG has provided other tangible benefits to II MEF. “This process gives back time to the maintenance and supply teams, which has resulted in a positive impact on II MEF's ability to sustain high rates of readiness”, added Lukkes.  
  MFSC calculates the amount of all incoming and outgoing material transaction throughput at the M2OG sites in support of fielding, divestment, disposal strategies, including support of FD-2030 activation, deactivations, and execution of PD support to Ukraine at 721,590 items through Dec 2022. The total dollar value of the items is estimated at $8.3B. 
  Notable equipment and associated SECREPs receipted by M2OG include tanks, bridging equipment, cannon artillery, and PEIs from Law Enforcement Battalions and several Infantry Battalions. 
“Over the last few years, there has been a huge volume of equipment transactions throughout II MEF due to Force Design, AAO changes, divestment of obsolete equipment,” exclaimed Lukkes. “The ECP has been nothing short of a money maker for II MEF in support of the handling of equipment turn-ins to LOGCOM,” said Lukkes.
  FY23 and FY24 actions include the divestment of 73,000 pieces of military equipment supporting unit deactivations, activations and reorganizations. When completed, 139 units will be impacted. 
  Although much has been accomplished, the scope of the M2OG effort supporting FD 2030 will continue through FY30. 
  Headquartered at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga., Marine Force Storage Command’s mission is to receive, store, and issue combat capability sets in order to sustain the expeditionary force in readiness. 


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