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Personally Procured Transportation (PPM-Move)

This program is available to military members and the next of kin of a deceased member.  The program allows members to personally move household goods (HHG) and collect an incentive payment from the government when they have orders for permanent change of station (PCS), temporary duty (TDY), separation or retirement, or assignment to, from, or between Government quarters.  A member can use rental or privately owned vehicles to move HHG instead of having the Government ship them.  Members may use the program to move all or a portion of their authorized JFTR weight allowance.  The personal property counselors provide members information on the methods and procedures for making the move and advises members that they may choose one of the methods stated below, either alone or in conjunction with a government arranged move.  The counselor also prepares DD Form 2278 (Application for PPM Move) for members.  The personal property office does not, as policy, advise members to move their property first and then complete the required documentation afterwards as this may result in forfeiture of incentive. Members may choose one of the following methods:

Personally Procured Transportation Move, Using Rental Vehicles


Members may rent normal types of rental vehicles, equipment, moving aids, and packing material and the member performs all labor for the move.  An advance operating allowance is authorized when using this method. An Advance Operating Allowance of up to 50% of your estimated final incentive payment is authorized when using this method to offset anticipated expenses for rental vehicle, gas, tolls, packing material and other authorized expenses. If you elect to draw an advance operating allowance, your package to settle your PPM claim must be received by TVCD 45 days of receiving the advance or you will be subject to a pay checkage for active duty and retired marines, or other collection actions for separated marines.

Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV) Personally Procured Transportation Move

Members may use their own or a borrowed POV.  Members must have written permission from the vehicle owner for all POV PPM moves; the current vehicle registration is also required.  The purpose of an advance operating allowance is to offset anticipated expenses for rental vehicle, gas, tolls, packing materials and other authorized expenses. Marines normally receive mileage and other allowances while conducting PCS, separation or retirement moves, so an advance operating allowance is highly discouraged to ensure you do not have to pay back any funds advanced to you should you over estimate the weight of the household goods moved by POV. If you elect to draw an advance operating allowance, your package to settle your PPM claim must be received by TVCD within 45 days of receiving the advance or you will be subject to a pay checkage for active duty and retired marines, or other collection actions for separated marines.


”You-Load They-Drive” Method. (Also includes Portable On Demand Storage (PODS)

Commercial HHG carriers offer this type of service.  The member performs all the labor for packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of the van.  The commercial carrier supplies the driver and performs the line-haul movement only.  The commercial firm must provide the member with ICC number or State/Federal Regulation numbers.  Member must request from the company to provide weight tickets—empty & full—

Personally Procured Move, Using (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

Members may ship all or part of their unaccompanied baggage via (Parcel Post, UPS, FedEx) not to exceed the Government Constructive Cost.  Members are required to provide all pertinent paperwork to include, PCS Orders and ALL Endorsements, DD Form 1351-2 and receipts from the company with the weights written on them(No weights No reimbursement).  TVCD will verify if the MBR is within his/her unaccompanied baggage weight allowance.  The Government does not reimburse for the costs of insurance.

Personally Procured Transportation Move In Connection With a Government Arranged Mobile Home Shipment.

Articles of HHG that can otherwise be authorized for shipment at Government expense, but must be removed from a mobile home to meet safety requirements may be moved under this program.  Such items include, but are not limited to, heavy appliances and furniture, air conditioners, skirts, awning, etc...  Incentive payments are contingent on not exceeding your total allowable cost.  95% of mobile home moves incur excess costs, there is a strong possibility when moving a mobile home there will not be weight entitlement left over to perform a PPM move in conjunction.



A Personal Property Office may authorize a Marine to conduct a Maximum Government Obligation PPM, which means that expenses up to 100% of what it would have cost the government to move a like weight would be reimbursed to the Marine. In the event the total cost is less than 95% of what the government would have paid to move a like weight, the incentive will be paid to the Marine.

If a Marine arranges for shipment of HHG by procuring the services directly from a carrier of choice when directed by a Personal Property Office and approved by HQMC (LPD-2) it is not considered a PPM move and no incentive payment is authorized. This type of shipment is called an Actual Cost Reimbursement and is only authorized when no shipment services are available. The Marine will be reimbursed for actual authorized expenses regardless of cost. In the event the total cost is less than 95% of what the government would have paid to move a like weight, the incentive will be paid to the Marine.

The member receives a cash incentive payment for participating in the PPM program.  The origin DMO computes payment at 95 percent of what it would cost the Government to transport the HHG using the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) domestic personal property rate solicitation, or the local drayage contracted cost.  The computation is based on actual, constructed or authorized JFTR weight allowance transported, whichever is less.  The DMO will estimate the constructive cost of the move based on your estimated weight to be moved and the authorized mileage from the origin to destination.  Mileage is computed based on point to point mileage set forth in Defense Table of Official Distances.  You may be entitled to an advance operating allowance to help with your operating cost; this allowance is limited to 50 percent of the Government shipping cost.  You must check with your counselor to see if you are eligible, as each branch of the Armed Forces varies on the entitlement.  If eligible this allowance helps defray the cost of rental vehicle, gasoline, oil, tolls, packing material, moving equipment, and other services directly related to the move.  Members may choose a combination move split between a government arranged HHG (PPGBL), local contracted, non-temporary storage, and Personally Procured Transportation.  If a member elects split shipment, DMO bases incentive on the member’s full JFTR weight allowance (if the member made no previous shipments) or the balance of the JFTR weight allowance (if the member made additional shipments under the same set of orders).  The member should be advised that excess cost may be incurred when service finance centers settle all accounts related to the split/multiple shipments.  Advance payment is determined based upon estimated weight however, actual payment is based on certified weight ticket.  For example, if you estimate 10,000 lbs and only move 6,000 lbs you will be a subject to excess costs.


Upon completion of your move you will be required to submit paperwork, and certified weight tickets to gain your final incentive.  Your counselor will advise you on what paperwork is required and who to submit it to.  At this point the actual incentive payment of the move will be computed and sent to the Accounting and Finance Office; they in turn, will pay you.  The financial profit portion of the incentive is subject to Federal Income Tax.  NOTE:  Certified expenses will reduce taxable income reported on form W-2 and may not be claimed again as moving expenses.  Tax withholding will be 25% of profit (Entitlement minus expenses).

Authority: 5 U.S.C.5701-5742,37 U.S.C. 404-427, and E.O. 9297 Principle purpose: Used for reviewing, approving, accounting and disbursing for official travel; SSN is used to maintain a numerical identification system for individual claims and to report income to the IRS. Routine uses: To substantiate claims for incentive payments for movement of household goods Disclosure: Voluntary failure to furnish requested may result in partial or total denial of claim and/or improper tax application. The penalty for willfully makPPM-Check-Sheet-Final-Revision-2.pdfing a false statement of claim is a maximum fine of $10,000.00, maximum imprisonment of five years, or both (U.S.C., Title 18, section 287).




1. DD Form 2278 -- Application for Do-it-Yourself Move (PPM) **provided by the local DMO office**

2. PPM Counseling Checklist & Certification of Expenses. **provided by the local DMO office**

3. DD Form 1351-2, (Travel voucher)

4. Certified Weight Tickets, Gross (Full) & Tare (Empty) Weights.

5. Confirmation of receipt of Advance Operating Allowance.


6. PPM Move Certificate of Expenses.

7. All orders that authorized move.  DD214 is not accepted as orders.




a.  Rental Company paid receipts a. Tow Dollies
b.  Packing Materials b. Auto Transporters
c.  Hand Truck Dollies c. Safe Move Insurance
d. Furniture Pads d. Sales Tax
e. Tolls e. Meals
f. Gas f. Cost of Lodging
g. Weight Tickets g. Oil changes
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