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Marine Corps Logistics Command

Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter

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Supply Chain Management Center

SCMC Misson

At SCMC, our focus is simple – The Operating Forces…
“SCMC plans, manages, executes, and integrates supply chain improvements, monitors critical Marine Corps Ground Equipment Supply Chain activities and manages multiple critical Logistics programs to ensure effective and efficient support to the warfighter”

SCMC manages a global network of supply chain activities from our home base and program management HQ in Albany Georgia.  The Center manages deployable resources that can adapt to ever-changing theaters of operations. Spread across a total of 68 sites across the globe, SCMC's personnel and facilities are strategically co-located along side Marine Forces throughout the world to provide dedicated, on-site supply chain services such as:

  • Consolidate Storage Programs (25 Locations)
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence Support Services (15 Locations)
  • Equipment and Receiving Distribution Team (8 locations)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (6 Locations)
  • Coordinated Secondary Reparable Management (7 locations) 


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    Marine Corps Logistics Command

    Supply Chain Management Center
    814 Radford Blvd, Suite # 20225 Albany, GA

    Director SCMC (229) 639-6552
    Deputy Director SCMC (229) 639-8317
    Program Assistant SCMC (229) 639-6552
    Director, Consolidated Storage Program (CSP) SCMC/CSP (229) 639-8317
    Program Assistant, CSP SCMC/CSP (229) 639-8967
    Director, Supply Integration Division (SID) SCMC/SID (229) 639-9876
    Deputy Director, SID SCMC/SID (229) 639-6692
    Program Assistant, SID SCMC/SID (229) 639-5590
    Director, Retail Integration Division (RID) SCMC/RID (229) 639-6546
    Director, Secondary Item Mgmt Division (SIMD) SCMC/SIMD (229) 639-6451
    Deputy Director, SIMD SCMC/SIMD (229) 639-5139
    Program Assistant, SIMD SCMC/SIMD (229) 639-5083
    Director, RADON Division SCMC/RADCON (229) 639-7146
    Director, Logistics Services Operation Division (LSOD) SCMC/LSOD (229) 639-8798