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Marine Corps Logistics Command

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Marine Force Storage Command

The Marine Force Storage Command serves as the focal point for the Marine Corps Logistics Command's mission as Distribution Process Owner (DPO) for the Marine Corps and global wholesale storage operations for ground weapon system principal end items (PEIs) and associated material in support of Marine Corps Operating Forces (OPFORs).   MFSC provides capabilities to the OPFORs under those two major roles as follows:

Distribution - linking strategic resources to tactical requirements to provide effective and efficient operational distribution support to deliver right things to the right place at the right time

  -- Planning for sustainment distribution support
  -- Tracking, tracing, and expediting of equipment and material to meet time definite delivery standards
  -- Capacity and performance management analysis and reporting
  -- Distribution Process Advocate capability at Distribution Nodes and OPFORs
  -- Air Clearance Authority
  -- Container Management
  -- Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation technical guidance

Storage Operations - storage activities for global PEI wholesale inventory

   -- Receipt, store, maintain, and issue of wholesale PEIs and associated material to Sources of Repair and OPFORS
   -- Technical guidance on storage operations
   -- Project Management .Provide receipt, storage, preservation, kitting (when required) and issue of material in support of various projects
   -- Technical Publication stock, store, and issue
   -- Management Control Activity for Marine Corps GFE and GFM
   -- Retrograde class II/IX/rapid procurement item processing
   -- Foreign Military Sales support