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Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)

MRP II is a well-defined formal system used in manufacturing. It is also a philosophy which “brings together all parts of an organization using tools to plan activities rather than reacting to circumstances.” 

The Marine Depot Maintenace Command has implemented the MRP II system to the degree that it effectively supports the remanufacturing environment. The functionality that is currently implemented includes demand planning, production planning, master scheduling, material planning, capacity planning, shop-floor control and performance measurement.

The Marine Depot Maintenace Command has integrated Theory of Constraints (TOC) with the MRP II system. Production routes for the majority of the major end items have been matched to the “Critical Chain” and loaded into the production database, thereby ensuring the refurbished material arrives from the back-shops in a timely manner to support the end item’s delivery date to the customer. 

The MRP II and TOC philosophies have complemented each other, and the integration of the two has resulted in a total system which has effectively reduced repair cycle time to the customer, improved inventory accuracy, and cut overall program costs.