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Organizational Development Office (ODO)


The Organizational Development Office (ODO) enables rapid attainment of business objectives through disciplined change management and strategic development of the Marine Corps Logistics Command in order to support logistics operations more effectively.


The Organizational Development Office (ODO) serves as the principal advisor to the Commanding General on all matters pertaining to organizational change management, strategic communications and workforce development.  The ODO, using a disciplined methodology and tool set, supports the alignment of people, processes, and technology in order to achieve the stated business objectives across the Enterprise.  Additionally, the ODO develops and delivers communication products, supporting executive leadership and organizational requirements for both internal and external stakeholders. The ODO also manages and administers the LOGCOM training and professional development programs, ensuring a highly skilled and proficient workforce.

Products and Services

Enterprise Change Management

Change Management is a disciplined methodology that provides a set of tools for managing the people side of change - aligning people, processes, and technology in order to achieve identified business objectives. The specific Change Management framework utilized at LOGCOM is awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement seeks to increase early buy-in and ultimately improve change adoption rates.  Certified Change Management Specialists serve as advocates and coaches supporting organizational initiatives through the development and execution of Change Management Plans and associated communication strategies that address employee engagement while assessing and monitoring change readiness.

Enterprise Workforce Development

Development, coordination, administration, and integration of MARCORLOGCOM training and professional development programs.  Includes planning and execution of the Annual Enterprise Training Plan requirement and budget development processes; management and prioritization of training opportunities available from external sources; management and execution of MARCORLOGCOM Academy; and COI Community support.  


Enterprise Strategic Communications

Strategic communications is the proactive and targeted development and delivery of key messages, and engagement of key stakeholders at the right time, in the right manner, with the right responsiveness to affect the desired results.  Communications support is the development and broadcasting of products for MARCORLOGCOM branding initiatives uniquely designed and pushed to the internal workforce of MARCORLOGCOM.  Additionally, creative, original graphics design is developed in support of strategic communications for MARCORLOGCOM.
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