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Marine Corps Logistics Command


Marine Corps Logistics Command

Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter

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Logistics Capabilities Center (LCC)


To identify, analyze, develop, and facilitate the implementation and sustainment of integrated logistics solutions that optimize logistics chain management.


The Logistics Capabilities Center identifies, analyzes, develops, and facilitates the implementation and sustainment of integrated logistics solutions that optimize logistics chain management. LCC serves as the Sub-Functional Area Manager (FAM) for the Marine Corps’ portfolio of Logistics Automated Information Systems (LOGAIS); serves as the Information Broker and Command Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) to capture, organize, store, and share information with others as appropriate; serves as the Command Beneficial Suggestion Administrator and supports HQMC-I&L (LR) with managing and sustaining the Marine Corps Beneficial Suggestion Program;  serves as the Command Quality Management Officer; provides independent assessments; analyzes and advises USMC decision makers regarding logistics issues across the enterprise; facilitates Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) of logistics capabilities; explores and develops competitive, comprehensive, and integrated logistics capabilities for the Marine Corps; and develops and executes business development plans.

Products and Services

Beneficial Suggestion Program Administrative Agent: 

  • Manage Beneficial Suggestions Program
  • Administer USMC Beneficial Suggestions Oracle Database
  • Prepare reports for HQMC, I&L

Logistics Integration Division, LCC, acts as the Administrative Agent for the U. S. Marine Corps Beneficial Suggestions Program.  Customers can submit a suggestion to the MARCORLOGCOM web site from anywhere in the world via the internet.  Analysts review the suggestion; work with major commands and subject matter experts to determine feasibility; prepare cost benefit analysis; and coordinate a recommended course of action.

Beneficial Suggestion Program

Beneficial Suggestion Program


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence:  

-Program Management
-Process Documentation
-Contract Oversight

Business Intelligence involves process mapping, development, portfolio management and sustainment of automated tools and data repositories that facilitate decision making throughout the Marine Corps on issues such as readiness, net asset posture, equipment accountability and visibility, depot maintenance planning and execution,  and other logistics issues.  This product and service is built upon the foundations of two data repositories:  the Master Data Repository (MDR) and the Command Library.  The MDR provides the capability to integrate logistics data and convert it to quality logistics intelligence for the Marine Corps via tools such as the Life Cycle Modeling Integrator suite of decision support tools, the OEF Equipment Tracker,  and ad hoc reporting requirements from higher headquarters.  The Command Library provides Knowledge Management via a repository of information such as white papers, decision briefs, position descriptions, analyses and reports that serve as the foundation for further studies and analysis on popular logistics topics.  These tools are designed to meet the needs of commanders, planners, and other users by providing a current, integrated view of equipment status in order to analyze trends, formulate decisions, and manage readiness. 

Business Sustainment: 

Develop Public and Private Partnership Opportunities
Maintain MARCORLOGCOM’s Validated Products and Services Repository
Develop and Maintain Support Agreements Repository
Conduct Annual Review of Support Agreements

Business Sustainment supports the research and development of higher quality and cost effective business opportunities that contribute to programs, products, and services to meet the needs of the Marine Corps Enterprise and the Warfighter.  Business Sustainment includes: Business Development,  Products and Services Coordination,  Support Agreement Management and Contracts.

 Business Sustainment

Business Sustainment


 LOGAIS Functional Management

LOGAIS Functional Management

LOGAIS Functional Management:  

-Functional Area Manager
-Functional Data Manager
-Functional Namespace Coordinator
-Portfolio Manager

Serves as the Marine Corps Sub-Functional Manager for Logistics Automated Information Systems (AIS) and the Logistics Command agent to define and interpret logistics functional systems requirements. Provides functional expertise with knowledge of the systems to establish and maintain data integrity in Logistics AISs. Represents and defends Marine Corps functional systems requirements at DoD, HQMC, and other Services meetings and conferences. Serves as the Executive Agent for the Functional Area Manager responsible for the development and management of system, application, and database portfolios used to support the processes within the Logistics functional area and the Functional Data Manager ensuring the control and structuring of data, meta data, within functional  activities, information systems and computing and communications infrastructures. 


Quality Management:

-Deliver Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Training
-Execute CPI Events
-Perform Audits
-Provide Quality Management System Implementation Assistance
-Command’s Quality Council Chair
-Track Problem or Failure Trend Analysis
-Manage International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Third Party Registrar Contract
-Provide MARCORLOGCOM Site Manager Maintenance for ICE

Provides top-level policy and oversight for the coordination, technical direction and policy determination of all aspects of the MARCORLOGCOM Quality Management System. Provides support to internal MARCORLOGCOM organizations to conduct continuous business process improvement and reengineering in support of CPI.  Employs tools such as value stream mapping and process flowcharting; brainstorming sessions; data collection methods; and use of analytical tools to identify root causes.  Provides advise, training, coaching and mentoring consistent with the USMC CPI Body of Knowledge and ISO 9000 Family of Standards. Advocates for consistent application and use of CPI and Quality across the MARCORLOGCOM Enterprise.

Quality Management 


Studies and Analysis


Studies and Analysis

Studies and Analysis: 

-Scientific Modeling and Analysis
-Information Technology Prototyping
-Metrics Development/Integration
-Equipment Readiness Analysis
-Integrated Process Development

Studies and Analysis is Marine Corps Logistics Command’s focal point for operations research, analytic support, studies management, enterprise performance analysis, and enterprise readiness analysis. It provides critical support to the Command and operating forces by blending a comprehensive understanding of military operations with the application of advanced scientific methods through enterprise level trend analysis, rapid response analytic efforts, and formal studies.  Analysts are trained to employ any combination of computer programming, probability, statistics, mathematical modeling, design, testing, and implementation of solutions to produce predictive deterministic or probability models and simulations that can be used to support analysis of alternatives, war gaming, scenario testing, designed experimentation of process improvement solutions and decision-making tools. The application of these analytical methods provides decision makers with a quantitative basis for choosing between competing courses of action relative to the allocation of resources under their control. Supports the Principal Advisor to the TLCM Corporate Board with analytical results regarding enterprise logistics issues and maintains currency of the TLCM process through reviews and drafts updates to policy, as appropriate.  Serves as the command’s Principal Advisor for Enterprise Materiel Readiness matters and supports the command’s role as the Marine Corps Advocate for Materiel Readiness.

Organization Structure
LCC Organization Structure
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LCC Director 229-639-6004
LCC Deputy Director 229-639-8341
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