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The G8 Department is the MARCORLOGCOM Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) life cycle managers ensuring accountability and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements by maximizing financial stewardship in an efficient and effective manner while enabling logistic support to the operating forces in a financially constrained environment. On a world-wide basis, G8 also manages the Navy Working Capital Fund-Marine Corps (NWCF-MC) and payment of transportation for people and things.


  • Provide investment advice and services as senior financial advisor to the Commanding General
  • Direct, control, and evaluate financial functions and service performed within all elements of the command
  • Provide resource management support for all organizational components and Head Quarters Marine Corps for specific areas to include Navy Working Capital Fund-Marine Corps (NWCF-MC) and Marine Commercial Travel Claims
Products and Services

Internal Management Control Statement of Assurance

  • Command's internal control program coordinator & overseer
  • Provide training to organizations MIC coordinators
  • Assist organizations in the development of assessable units
  • Prepare Annual Statement of Assurance
 Government Purchase Card

Government Purchase Card

  • Ensure program personnel, APCs, AOs and purchase card holders are properly appointed, raining, and capable of performing their respective responsibilities
  • Ensure AO and purchase card holder profiles are appropriate for local mission
  • Ensure appropriate action is taken when local reviews reveal non-compliance, misuse, and/or abuse
  • Utilize reports available through the ad-hoc reporting tool within the bank system to proactively monitor the program

Government Travel Card

  • Oversee program execution & management for Command
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of DoD travel card program
  • Provide monthly report to the Chief of Staff IAW MCO 4600.40A, GTCCP
  • Maintain training certificates for all authorized GTCC holders
 Government Travel Card

DoD Lodging 

Defense Travel System

  • Organization Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA)
  • Financial Defense Travel Admin (FTDA); funds control management of Lines of Accounting and budgets
  • Debt Mgmt Monitor; monitors DTS travel & debt & instructs travelers how to make payments via payroll collection & out-of-eservice debt processing
  • Maintain mandatory training certificates for all authorized DTS users/riles

Internal/External Audit

  • Serve as Command's focal point (liaison) on all external audits (GAO, DoDIG, NAS)
  • Provide coordination within the Command and serve as liaison between Command SMEs and external auditors
  • Track and maintain files documenting all external audits for the Command
  • Provide internal financial management and operational process reviews
  • Provide recommendation to management for cost savings & process improvements as a result of reviews
United States General Accounting Office



Defense Financial Account System liaison

  • Act as the DFAS liaison on accounting issues

Financial Statement Analyses

  • Conduct area evaluations and analysis relating to established financial procedures
  • Ensure fund managers maintain proper records and source documents

Accounting and Financial system Management

  • Training fund managers in the proper utilization of accounting and financial management systems
  • Notify financial personnel of any related systems and/or training updates

Claims and Entitlements

  • Primary customer is US Marines
  • Personally procured Moves
  • Actual cost reimbursement (storage or in-lieu of Government arranged moves

Freight-Passenger Travel

  • Customers Transportation Component Commands (SDDC & AMC) and MEPS/DMO
  • Utilize the Transportation Management System for:  payment of GTR, AGTR & meal ticket CBAs; SDDC-surface freight-personnel property; AMC-air freight -personnel property
              Personal Property
  • Supports all Service DMO and Transportation Service Provided regarding USMC sponsored moved

Us Bank and Travel Party Payments

  • Account creation
  • Certification assistance & monitoring
  • Reports for all TPPS payments
  • System trainers for USMC DMOs

Budget Formulation / Budget Execution

  • Navy Working Capital Fund Branch
    Formulates, justifies, defends, and monitors the execution of MARCORLOGCOM budgets and other financial documentation to support approved programs, plans, and schedules to include:
  • Interprets/completes requirements into financial plans
  • Monitors program performance against established plans
  • Oversees/provides guidance for the execution of financial plans
  • Develops, revises, and recommends financial and logistics policy that impacts financial related matters
  • Performs financial statement analysis and processes for Navy Working Capital Fund (NWCF) financial statements
  • Formulates/monitors Marine Corps standard unit and exchange prices
  • Formulates financial data for reporting requirements to higher headquarters and other activities
  • Provides financial, personnel, and effective support to all customers

Appropriated Funds Division

  • Formulates, justifies and defends MARCORLOGCOM budgets
  • Interprets/completes requirements into financial plans
  • Monitors program performance against established plans
  • Oversees/provides guidance for the execution of financial plans
  • Develops, advises, interprets, recommends, and provides financial management guidance
  • Maintains Command Letters of Authorization (LOA) for labor resources
  • Prepares financial data for reporting requirements to headquarters
  • Manage the Current Year Deficiencies requirements
  • US Co-Chair of the MCPP-N Fiscal Subgroup
Budget Formulation / Budget Execution 
Defense News

Programming /Program Objective Memorandum (POM)

  • Serve as a Member of the USMC POM Working Group (PWG)
  • Assist Centers and Program Mangers develop defendable out-year requirements
  • Address issues in each functional area and develop list of funded/unfunded requirements/priorities
  • Collate/integrate/prioritize LOGCOM Programs and funding profile among the Program Evaluation Boards
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G8 Director 229-639-6509
G8 Admin Assist 229-639-6509