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The AC/S G1 serves as the principal advisor to the Commanding General, Marine Corps Logistics Command for all Manpower, Workforce planning matters and issues of General Administration.


The AC/S G1 assists in the development of the Workforce Plan, provides management analysis and assistance, administers the commands general administration and performs the Military Manpower Program Management.  Workforce planning is an interactive, systematic process for identifying and addressing the workforce competencies required to meet the Command’s strategic goals, both current and future.  Workforce planning is a continuous process of ensuring the Command has the right number of people with the right skill sets in the right job at the right time.  Manpower Management  services and analysis provides recommendations for organization design, distribution of Marine Corps Logistics Command’s personnel resources and the administration of the command’s official Table of Organization.

Products and Services

Enterprise Workforce Planning

  • Fosters understanding of our workforce profile (demographics).
  • Allows more effective utilization of our workforce through accurate, efficient alignment of the workforce with strategic objectives.
  • Provides a basis for justifying budget and staffing requests.
  • Provides method for linking expenditures on people (i.e. salary, training, & development to business outcomes.
  • Provides better focused investments in recruitment, training and workforce development.
  • Provides managers with a strategic basis for making workforce decisions.
  • Provides managers with the means of identifying the competencies needed in the current and future workforce and developing that workforce.
  • Provides Manpower Management Services.
    Performs Administration of Program Management.
  • Performs Military Manpower Program Management.
  • Provides Management Analysis and Assistance.
  • Provides planning for a high performing workforce that will have a significant impact on the efficient and effective achievement of our mission.
Enterprise Workforce Planning

Enterprise Performance Management 

General Administration

  • Increase the quality provided throughout the command on all levels of administrative and personnel support.
  • Ensures the prompt, precise reporting and maintenance of key programs.
  • Effective administrative processes which are key enablers of our ability to “take care of our personnel” and maintain a capable force.
  • Timely transmission of the Commander’s administrative matters.
  • Ensures that documents signed by the Commander are in proper format.
  • Formulation and oversight of execution of administrative policies and procedures.
  • Assigned numerous collateral duties on behalf of the Commander such as:
  • Forms Management
  • Sponsorship Program
  • Casualty Procedures Program
  • Performance Evaluation System Program
  • Awards Program
  • Records Management
  • Privacy Act Program
  • Voter Registration Program
  • Approving Official for Medical Temporary Active Duty
 General Administration

General Administration
Organization Structure
Manpower Organization Structure
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G1 Director  229-639-5751
G1 Deputy Director 229-639-5294
G1 Admin Assistant 229-639-8547