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** Keeping Faith with our Marines, Sailors and their Families **
Environmental Health & Safety Office


To support the Marine Corps Logistics Command’s (MARCORLOGCOM) commitment to the Marine Corps’ (MC) war fighting capabilities through effective and responsible conscientious stewardship of our environment, conservation of resources, and dedicated efforts at every level in mishap prevention to protect our workforce.

Safe Site Pledge:

As members of the greatest Marine Corps in the entire world, we pledge our commitment to safety and health, both on and off duty.  We pledge to take care of ourselves and our team members as part of the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP).  Accountability of our members and their safety and health rests with each of us.  Our nation’s future depends on the health and safety of our active duty, civil service and contractor personnel.  Therefore, the members of the LOGCOM Enterprise pledge to take personal responsibility for the safety and health of ourselves and our teammates as members of the Marine Corps Logistics Command Enterprise family.

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Management of LOGCOM’s:

  • Environment Program
  • Civilian Health and Wellness Program
  • Enterprise Safety Programs
  • Headquarters Safety Program
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  • Environment Management: Assist subordinate commands with environmental programs, perform National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews, and tracking and costing of environmental requirements.  Assist subordinate commands with environmental project estimates, prioritization, tracking, reporting, and planning and budgeting.  Respond to HQMC Data Calls.  Develop reports.
  • Environmental Compliance: Monitor subordinate commands Environmental Management System (EMS) and environmental compliance.  Conduct environmental audits at subordinate command’s, develop compliance plans, and perform health reviews.

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Safety & Health:

  • Enterprise Guidance: Provide advice/information on Enterprise safety programs, workplace practices,  training, planning, and accident prevention.
  • LOGCOM HQ OSH Program Management: Programs include but are not limited to CGIP inspections, Executive Force Preservation Board (EFPB), and Executive Safety Councils.
  • Health and Wellness Program Management:  Program includes official Enterprise guidance on overall program, employee baseline assessments, nutritional profiles, wellness improvement routines, exercise, and programs emphasizing total wellness.
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EH&S Director  229-639-7653
EH&S Admin Assistant 229-639-5402
Environmental Health & Safety Office