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Marine Corps Logistics Command


Marine Corps Logistics Command

Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter

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To direct MARCORLOGCOM’s operations, deliberate planning, future plans, and strategic management in order to provide required service and operational-level logistics capabilities maximizing Marine Corps readiness and sustainability.


1. Represents MARCORLOGCOM at higher and adjacent headquarters, departments, agencies, and other logistics partners within the NCR in order to coordinate and promote cooperation to ensure mutual understanding and unity of purpose.

2. Provides deliberate planning, exercise planning, war reserve planning, continuity of operations plan management, and naval logistics integration coordination in support of MARCORLOGCOM’s future mission and tasks in order to provide required operational-level logistics capabilities to the operating forces.

3. Provides command integrated and coordinated information management, internal command tasker management, special analysis, and testimony and Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) coordination in support of MARCORLOGCOM operations in order to articulate command communication or collaborate with higher and adjacent commands.

4. Monitors, assesses, and communicates the requirements of the Marine Forces to MARCORLOGCOM and coordinates responsive and effective integrated operational-level logistics solutions in support of the Marine Expeditionary Forces and Marine Forces Reserve in order to maximize their readiness and sustainability.

5. Maintains the Command battle rhythm, operates the command operations center, monitors current Marine Corps operational-level logistics requirements, and facilitates and directs execution of operational-level supply, maintenance, distribution, and prepositioning operations in support of MARCORLOGCOM’s current mission and tasks in order to provide required operational-level logistics capabilities to the operating forces.

6. Provides long-range future planning, requirements integration, and management of strategies, goals, objectives, and initiatives in support of future vision and intent, higher headquarters’ strategic direction and guidance, and new doctrine, policies, processes, and procedures in order to anticipate logistics trends, incorporate best practices and emerging concepts of operation, and prepare the command for future capability and competency requirements.

Products and Services

Command/Current Operations

The focus of this Products and Services is to ensure the continuous provision of efficient and economical operational-level logistics support to Marine Corps forces throughout the USCENTCOM AOR and other contingencies as required.  It includes the internal LOGCOM flow of operational logistics information, when multiple Command Elements are involved.  This is accomplished by: (a) Integrating actions, coordinating, controlling and preparing responses to both internal and external operational logistics-related inquiries and issues on behalf of the senior staff and the Commanding General.  (b)  Perform higher and adjacent command coordination functions on behalf of LOGCOM (Fwd) in support of the operating forces, including material support, manpower management, and staff planning.  (c) Coordinates the creation of synergy among the stakeholders, consolidating the various areas of expertise and shortening the lines of communication required to achieve a desired outcome.

Plan and execute the efficient coordination of LOGCOM Mission Assurance Activities, such as Continuity of Operations and Antiterrorism program support, and facilitate Base hurricane evacuation support to other commands.

Provide facilities for classified material storage, secure and non-secure VTC capabilities, secure capability
for around-the-clock operations during contingencies, and provide SIPRNET facilities and monitoring for the command. 

Manage the entry point for both internal and external operational logistics requests and/or requirements, facilitate dissemination of such to the responsible centers within the command, and monitor/manage through completion. 

Serve as the continuous operations link between LOGCOM and HQMC (PP&O; I&L) and other Marine forces. 

Execute Command Operations orders.

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Future Planning

Problem Framing: Form liaison element to HHQ, initiate planning process, establish and lead Operational Planning Team (OPT), conduct design dialogue, conduct staff actions, present problem framing brief, and issue warning order.

Course of Action (COA) Development: Integrate HHQ plan in planning process, update Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB) products, refine centers of gravity, conduct red and green cell planning, update staff estimates, develop COAs, conduct a COA brief, and develop wargaming guidance and evaluation criteria

COA Wargaming: Conduct red cell brief, conduct green cell brief, conduct COA wargame, conduct COA refinement, refine staff estimates and estimates of supportability, prepare COA wargame brief, and refine IPB products. 

MEF Customer Engagement

Serve each MEF as the single LOGCOM integrator to provide responsive, optimal logistics solutions, ensuring maximum operational readiness of the supported MEFs.

Serve as focal point to Operating Forces for LOGCOM products and services, generating awareness of LOGCOM capabilities to the MEF while translating MEF requirements to LOGCOM Centers for the development of future products and services.

Develop and provide responsive, integrated logistics solutions, products and services to fill gaps in the Operating Force logistics capability, consistent with the Commander’s Vision to support or enhance the war fighting capabilities.

Formalize and maintain Command relationships, policies, and procedures between LOGCOM (Fwd) agencies, MEFs, and other supporting agencies.

Expert in logistics solutions planning.

Provide updated, relevant reports to MEF and LOGCOM staffs and leadership.

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 Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Plan Strategy: Gather Data and Information, Assess Capabilities, Analyze External and Internal Situation, Make Assumptions,  Form Strategies, Establish Goals and Objectives, Develop Strategic Plan, Develop Strategy Map, and Align with Center,  Staff and subordinate Command Plans.

Execute Strategy: Align to Individual Performance Objectives, Determine Measures of Success/Execution, Form Tentative Initiative Action Plans, Evaluate, Select, Prioritize Initiatives, Budget and Fund Initiatives, Finalize Initiative Action Plans , Communicate Strategy, and Manage Initiatives.

Contracted Services

MCLOGSS Suite of contracts, Marine Corps Contract Process Management Guide, Manpower Attainment and Management,  Financial Management Regulations, GCPC and DSSC procurement processes.

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Future Operations and Deliberate Operational Planning

Primary program responsibilities include: Deliberate and Exercise War Planning in direct support of Operational Forces, War Reserve Program Execution for the USMC, Logistics Modernization with primary focus on the implementation of GCSS-MC at the retail level, Reset Equipment Planning,  Naval Logistics Integration with enterprise/senior level coordination responsibilities, and other program level responsibilities as having a direct, significant, and lasting impact on MARCORLOGCOM’s future operations.

Organization Structure

OpsDir Organization Structure

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