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Marine Corps Logistics Command

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MARCORLOGCOM SharePoint Instructions

Marine Corps Technical Publications

In order to access the publications at our SharePoint site, you must submit a request for an account within our SharePoint system.  This is a one time action that must be taken, once the account is established, you will be able to enter the Publications site as needed.  In order to request an account, the following steps will need to be taken:

1) If you do not currently have a LOGCOM SharePoint account;  open and complete this account request form:  SharePoint Account Request.

2) Save the account request form to your PC, attach it to a digitally signed email, by clicking here:  SMB LOGCOM C4 Customer Service  or email

(If you are unable to open the form or the email, you may contact the Helpdesk at 229-639-8700 or DSN 567-8700)

3) You will be notified upon creation of your account and will have immediate access to the publications at that point.

The Marine Corps Technical Publications Website is located at Marine Corps Logistics Command SharePoint site.

SharePoint Account Request for MARCORLOGCOM / DoD Personnel

 If you are a MARCORLOGCOM Marine, Civilian, Contractor* or other DoD personnel and you require a MARCORLOGCOM SharePoint account, please open this link, fill out the form and send it as an attachment on a digitally signed email to the C4 Customer Service Center

*SharePoint account requests for Contractors must be submitted to the Helpdesk by a Military or Civilian representative from the CTR's assigned work area.  The Military or Civilian representative needs to also provide in the request to the helpdesk a digitally signed email FROM THE CONTRACTOR requesting an account.  

I have a MARCORLOGCOM SharePoint account but I am unable to Log On

Step 1:  Close ALL Internet Explorer windows that you have open (including this one... start over at this page.)

Step 2:  Click here. Once connected, you will be prompted to Choose a digital certificate:

Digital Certificate

In the Issuer column of the Choose a digital certificate box pictured above, make sure that you highlight your name next to the certificate that is for EMAIL.  If you do not choose the EMAIL certificate, you will be prompted for a user name and password.  If you are prompted for a user name and password, you have selected the wrong certificate and must start over at Step 1. However, if you are certain that you selected the email certificate, and you are still being prompted for a user name and password, move to step 3.

Step 3: Have you been issued a new CAC since you last logged into SharePoint? If so, your new CAC certificate must be associated with your SharePoint account. Click here to send a digitally signed email to the C4 Customer Service Center and request that your new certificate be associated with your SharePoint account using the certificate attached to your digitally signed email.

Step 4: If the above steps do not resolve your issue, then please click here to contact the C4 Customer Service Center and open a trouble ticket in order for us to assist you further.

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